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ABV: 6.1%
SRM: 15
IBU: 36

Tapped on August 19th, 2014

Display your own dynamic, animated, and fully customizable home brew or commercial tap display! Web-based "Cloud service" means no expensive equipment to buy or difficult setup to accomplish - use your existing equipment! All you need is a monitor or TV to display the menu with, and a source to display from (like a computer or an old gaming system), or use an all-in-one Smart TV with Flash compatibility.

  • Display up to 8 taps
  • Custom animation based on SRM
  • Show ABV, SRM, and IBU
  • Show beer name and style
  • Custom brewery name and second line of text (just like on this page)
  • Custom background: your brewery, pet, house, anything!
  • Paid subscriptions receive full features and no advertisements
  • Free subscriptions with advertisements and limited functionality
  • Compatibility:
  • MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Works on Raspberry Pi
  • Google Chromecast
  • Any Flash-enabled device
  • Backwards-compatibility for non-Flash devices
  • Use your xBox or Playstation
  • Configure for full 1080p, or 720 for older equpiment

  • As we work to develop the release version of this service, we welcome suggestions for additional features and enhancements. As a subscribing customer, you will automatically receive updates and free enhancements to your service.

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